Swimming Pools

"Pool landscaping" changes a landscape garden landscape design into a multi-faceted outdoor living experience.

At Garden Design, a swimming pool can officially open when all of the technical and design-related landscape contractor issues have been addressed:

  • Site Placement
  • Pool Design
  • Grading and Drainage
  • Coping Selection
  • Decking Material
  • Sun vs. Shade Landscape Considerations
  • Landscape Design and Planting
  • Pool Structures
  • Equipment
  • Baffles and Shade Structures
  • Fencing

View our Photo Gallery of Swimming Pool Projects in the Lehigh Valley. Let Garden Design help coordinate the many contractor details that make up a successfully installed pool landscaping. This is one of the many technically-demanding elements of our landscape contracting repertoire that expands the concept of a traditional outdoor landscape planting plan.