Landscape Design Process

How to proceed with a Landscape Design

Landscape construction projects are most successfully achieved with the help of a professional landscape designer or landscape architect. With our years of training, experience and knowledge we can contribute insight and wisdom to the landscape design process from the very beginning through the final construction. Start your landscape project with a professional who can share his success with a Photo Gallery and Testimonials from past clients.


Design Process

Whether with a full-site landscape master plan or a small garden design that incorporates a phased installation, Garden Design Inc. can develop a project proposal that matches your wants, your needs and your budget. The first step is to meet with a landscape design professional and review the project priorities, landscape opportunities, constraints and budgets. Next a base landscape plan of the project area is generated and landscape designs are developed. Finally, budgets and contracts are presented and a design revision process leads the landscape design and budgeting to a landscape project the client is ready to build.

Maintenance Practices

Our staff of garden designers will work to do their part to save the planet on which we live. We design sustainable landscapes using organic practices that will contribute to the future of our environment and all of our continuing healthy, GREEN living. We will develop landscape designs that fit your preferences for maintenance, whether that be the lowest possible maintenance or a more intensive landscape design.

Consultation Costs

If you are in our neighborhood, the initial landscape consultation is no cost. If we need to travel, we charge to cover our time and travel costs. Please call to determine the cost and discuss your landscape projects. Small, local design projects typically don't involve a landscape design services fee. We do charge for our professional landscape architecture services on larger or more complicated projects. Estimates for garden maintenance and horticultural services are no cost and can be obtained by calling the office number: 610-530-8752

Articles that Solve Garden Design Problems

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