Mulching 101

What kind of mulch should I use?  Facts about dyed mulch.

What kind of mulch to use, how much should I use, do I need mulch, how much mulch should I put on my plants?

Did you know that all dyed mulches and many other mulches are made out of grinding up wood pallets that may have had chemical spills or harmful products on them.  Tree stumps are also common in mulches.  Only bark mulch is the highest quality and will prevent you from getting artillery fungus all over your mulch.  Spores from the fungus will fly to shiny objects like cars, siding, or anything close by.  It is very difficult to remove from objects even though they are tiny dots, there are hundreds of them.   Artillery fungus does not adhere to bark.  Typically bark mulches are not as evenly ground as mulches that use other wood products but they are much better for your plants and our environment.  Think about all of the dye that is washing off every time it rains into the soil and then the water table where we all get our water to drink!  Think about all the people using dyed mulch because it does keep its color longer.  That is a lot of pollution.