How to Go From Outdated to WOW!

This new space creates a new area to relax as well as adds value or curb appeal to the front of this home on the way to the front door.

What makes a landscape look outdated?  The number one reason is plants sheared in various shapes to prevent them from growing over windows or eating your house.  Many new homeowners install plants along their foundation when they initially move iinto their home.  They haven’t studied varieties,k cultivars, and selections enough to understand how big some plants can grow as they mature.  They see plants they like in the garden center or nursery and think they would look nice.

When plants are inexpensive and large in the garden center, it’s generally because they grow fast.  For that reason, these are poor choices for use along foundations.  Still, many “landscapers” use them because when these monsters are installed they produce a finished look with minimal expense.

Putting any plant in the ground is beneficial for the future of the planet and the continuing education of our children, but it is very important to put the right plant in the correct place.  It’s inconvenient and expensive to move a plant when it’s overgrown its place.

These old tired shrubs did nothing to enhance the front of this home, especially because they were sheared so they didn’t grow over the windows.

The new architecturally designed paving area creates a sitting area for use as well as the path to the front door in the far corner.