Every Window is a Picture

When you look out your windows, do you have beautiful views to enjoy? Can you watch the birds getting their seeds and berries, the butterflies flitting around? If not, you are not taking full advantage of the property where you live and either pay taxes or rent to be there.

In order to create beautiful views, unless you have a lovely long distance view that is off your own property, take advantage of making your own work for you. I believe that if you live in a neighborhood or subdivision, you should create your own private space. You wouldn’t want your neighbor to be standing in front of your kitchen window looking in on your family but yet, if you have no beautiful borders to view, you are inviting your neighbors to view your life when you are outdoors!

If you have a small property, fences with vines and some of the new vertical gardening are a good option to give you beautiful views. Even in the front of your house, you can create beautiful borders at the edge of the property that allow you to enjoy lovely views from your windows but do not block out the street by using a combination of trees and lower plant material. By creating a front border, you not only enhance your view but you create depth to your property so it is not just grass up to a strip of foundation planting. Your house is much more attractive with this approach.

Wouldn’t you like to have this view out your window? If you have outdoor space, you can have a beautiful view.