Bulbs Mixed in Wheelbarrow and Tossed in Garden

For this rather unique look in bulbs, we mixed various varieties of tulips, allium, and lilies and threw them about around the perennials in this outdoor living room. In spring it will look very naturalistic with green mounds of perennials around them. Check back in spring to see what it all looks like!

This area has various varieties of lilies included with the tulips and allium. The lilies are not in all of the tossed areas because of the design of the perennials in each area. In some cases, the lilies would compete too much with the perennials.

This bulb mixing method makes for a very naturalistic looking garden and lots of early spring color. As the bulb foliage dies back, the perennials will take over.

Notice that there are tulips and allium of different varieties and sizes thrown here and there. I hand moved the ones on the edge and in the middle of the perennials after tossing so as not to waste them.