A Lush and Full Outdoor Living Room with Continuous Bloom

House on a bank, cut and fill to create the patio, concrete pavers, lush plants, landsacpe for living, Allentown, PA, Lehigh Valley, PA

A lush outdoor living room with shrubs, trees, and perennials and grasses to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.


This ordinary back yard was on a bank so it was not very usable.  We cut the soil 4′ from the foundation of the house to give a sitting wall and a planter.  This gave us more level space to create the patio.  A landing was created with stairs to get to the concrete paver patio.  Perennials, shrubs, and a tree was planted to give privacy for the outdoor living room and to be able to observe continuous bloom throughout the season as you relaxed on the patio.  Notice that this is not an expensive house but the outdoor living room makes the house!!!  See the before below!

Bethlehem, Pa, Easton, PA, Outdoor living room, landscaping, back of house landscape, before the landscape

Notice this rather ordinary, inexpensive house. A well designed landscape can transform a property, it did this one!