Suggestions for Updating Your Curb Appeal

Curb appeal with the finished garden

You can see the difference new plants and path can make in the curb appeal of a home.

* Create an entry path that’s wide enough for two people to walk side by side to get to the door.  Four feet is a good target dimension.

*Choose evergreen plants for your foundation because our winters are long.  Green should be used as a permanent color to support the foundation.

*Confirm the mature size of the trees.  Make sure they don’t overwhelm the house in later years.  This is especially true in planting evergreen trees in the front of your house.

*Plant deciduous trees on the south side to help cool the house in the summer and reduce air conditioning costs.

*Plant evergreen trees on the northwest of the house to block cold winter winds and reduce heating costs.

*Create beds away from the house’s foundation to frame the house.  This creates dimension and develops views into the house that are much more appealing than an empty lawn.

*Use the architecture of your house to guide your choices for shapes of beds, plants, and any features you may add.

*Use any grade changes for their advantage and not to your landscape’s detriment.

*Consider the addition of low voltage lighting to beautify a landscape at night when most people are home to enjoy it.  Accent major trees or specimen plantings.  Night lighting also provides great security as well!

*Design the space (the shape of the paving and beds) using all of the elements and principles of good design.

The before illustrates a standard foundation planting from the 1950’s.

If you have sheared yews or anything that needs to be sheared so that it doesn’t grow over the windows, it’s time to redo and update your curb appeal.