Landscape Lighting – Landscape Design

The feature and area lights accent specific sections of the walkway to visually attract visitors and guide them through the path.

Landscape lighting is  not picture small colored bulbs that illuminate a residence around the holidays. However landscape lighting, in the context of landscape architecture, exterior illumination has expanded beyond the Christmas lights into a completely different realm of lighting. They can be used to focus on specific elements of a design that can typically be seen as a whole during daylight. This type of lighting can also be used to direct a visitor literally and visually. It can draw visitors into a landscape and persuade them to stay past dusk. Landscape architects have proven that night lighting design creates intrigue but also manages to benefit the landscape and the homeowners.

Typically, lighting can be split into a few categories, some of which include feature lighting, area lighting, spot lighting, etc. Each hold a specific purpose in landscape design. Certain types of lighting might strictly focus on a small portion of a facade of a house, a tree, or a combination of vegetation and hardscape. Exterior illumination can allow a design to be seen from a different perspective and at a different time of day. As a designer you and the client can decide what elements of a designated space that you want to create an emphasis.

While night lighting creates a beautiful aesthetic to a landscape, it is necessary to address the health effects of night lighting on vegetation. Too much lighting on vegetation can cause growth problems, so when considering night lighting for vegetation, perhaps using indirect lighting might be the healthier option.

On the flip side, exterior illumination provides some benefits to the homeowner. Aside from the dramatic aesthetics that coincide with night lighting, there personal and home safety increase. The lighting makes for easy visual access to and through the landscape, which makes it more difficult for a burglary to go unnoticed. Additionally, tripping hazards are alleviated with more night lighting. It is always a good idea to have sufficient lighting near decking and especially pool areas, front steps and porches areas as well.

Night lighting provides more opportunities for homeowners to utilize their landscape as much as possible. Rather than feeling limited to daylight restricted activities, people can take these activities to a later time of day. Night lighting has been installed within decks and patios which promote people to say outside longer and linger in their outdoor living spaces. Consider implementing more landscape lighting to your home to get the most out of your outdoor living space.