Farmhouse Makeover

Bank planting with natural boulder stairs

Do you have a neglected area with some shrubs that were too big for the location so you started to shear them into balls to keep them down?  Have you sort of lost interest in taking care of your property because you are so busy?  These homeowners decided it was time to redo.  This was the area next to the driveway as you entered the home so it was seen every time someone went in and out of the driveway.  The sliding doors were not being utilized because you had to go down a steep bank to get to the driveway.

In order to solve the problems here, we removed all of the old shrubs, put in some attractive natural stone steps because this was not a main access route and replanted the bank with a low maintenance planting.  The homeowners are very happy with the result.

Before: New access to doors. This landscape needs lots of help!