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Garden Design Inc. is a landscpae design and construction company in Allentown, PA. We are located at 758 Brookside Road, Wescosville, PA 18106. We build patios, walkways and install landscape plantings. We built paver patios and are paver patio contractors.

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jkgd Landscape for Lifestyle
Outdoor Living with Style

This outdoor living room was created in a back yard that had absolutely nothing outside the back door other than grass.  It was in a new development that was a field before and so there were:  no mature trees anywhere, no shade, no privacy, no place to go and relax and no place to connect with nature.  

After meeting the homeowner who wanted to have all those things, I designed a space that provided shade by using a shade structure with the shade coming from the wood rather than vines because he wanted it to be neat and tidy.  The plants are used to create privacy but not block the rest of his property from view. 

The water feature was built with moss rock which is my favorite for water features because it has more character than most  other rocks.  It comes from the surface of the soil so that it doesn’t have pieces that are broken, as most rocks are that are used in the landscape.  The sound of the water is very soothings as you sit having dinner or relaxing. 

Of course, you really want to see what the property looked like before we started two years before this picture was taken.  The arrows in the two photographs picture the neighbor’s existing evergreen tree.  Would you believe, this is it!!

Before the outdoor living environment, water feature, pond, moss rock
Before We Started