Trees/Mulch Mounds

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A mulch mound with way too much mulch for this tree to survive long term.

Do you have a tree with a mound of mulch around the trunk?  Don’t get me wrong, putting mulch around your tree trunks so the lawn mower does not hurt their bark is a good thing but only when it is 2″ or less of mulch.   Many people loose trees and they don’t know why.  Over time, having mulch piled up around the trunk causes the bark to rot because of the continued moisture around the bark after the rain.  The tree gets its life and nutrients from the bark, so if the bark rots and falls off, the tree cannot sustain itself anymore so it has to die  Many good trees have died unnecessarily so make sure they are not your trees!

Tree mound problem

Holiday and Winter Containers

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Bare pots are unattractive. Fill them with greens, or dried things by the side of the road either sprayed with paint for used natural. They last all winter!

Why leave your outdoor containers that held your annuals this past summer empty?  Fill them with all kinds of greens from your landscape.  If you have any holly, great!  If you have hydrangeas, seed heads of Autumn Joy Sedum, use them for interest.  They can be spray painted for color as well as ornamental grass