Landscape Walls and Planting

Stone Landscape Wall
Wall with Polyganatum and Cotinus

Walls add architecture elements to the garden. They create vertical interest and define outdoor rooms. And, they can provide architectural craftsmanship with beauty and character. Walls in the landscape help organize the landscape design. So plant shrubs and perennials around walls to create contrasting textures and beautiful garden aesthetics.

Walls come in two main of varieties and uses. There are freestanding walls used to define space and offer seating at the patio. Or there are retaining walls that resolve grade changes. And the landscape planting around each type response to the walls design purpose.

Freestanding walls define landscape spaces and outdoor rooms. They can be tall walls that create privacy and security. Or you can build low walls for seating and to delineate gardens. Landscape craftsman construct walls with a range of materials. Stone walls are classic in the landscape. But timber walls offer cost effective alternatives. And the availability of exotic woods makes timber an especially good option for modern landscape design.

Planting Design at Walls

Landscape planting designers approach each type of wall with specific design principles. If the wall is tall and built with economical material, the landscape architect may specify larger plantings. Plants like Cotinus (smoke tree) grow large enough to hide a taller wall. And Smoke Bush (Cotinus) also looks fabulous on top of a low wall as in the picture above.

The landscape designer should not hide well crafted walls with high quality natural materials. So not tall shrubs in front of beautiful walls. Single trunk taller trees will accent a wall and allow a viewer to see through. And install low plantings of perennials in front of the wall to create foreground interest. And Polyganatum is a lovely, simple accent in front of the wall (see picture above).

We like to create planting designs with medium size flowering shrubs and perennials behind seating walls. Shrubs like hydrangea or perennials like Echinacea will bloom above the wall. And they provide a sense of grounded stability for the person sitting. However, you want to avoid flowers that will attract a lot of insects such as bees.

Techo-bloc Paver Patio and landscape design

Techo-bloc paver patio  projects require good landscape design.  What are the key elements for patio design ? What are the key elements for landscape design? Techo-bloc materials include many choices. So the first key element is a knowledge of the paver choices.  The design style will inform the paver choice.

Techo-bloc Paver Patio
Techo-bloc Paver Patio

Techo-bloc Paver Patio Chocies

The project pictures above uses the EVA paver with a Antika paver border. The EVA paver is a random rectangular pattern. It comes in a variety of blended colors. The Antika paver has a rustic cobblestone appearance. The Antika paver joints are large. A drawback can be weeds. So we use Antika sparingly. For a more contemporary design we would use Industria, Linea or Sleek paver styles.

Patio and Landscape Design

Design is the bread and butter of a success landscape project. Plenty of  hardscape companies have skilled craftsman. But very few landscape companies have skilled landscape designers. What makes a skilled landscape designer?  Part of the skill is innate talent and part is training.

The most skilled landscape designers have an ability to see the land holistically.  They perceive the spaces of the home and the landscape as one unified space.  This means the designer can understand the flow of activity and uses throughout a property. It is a skill of seeing the big picture. An understanding of how all the parts fit together. This is a way of thinking developed since youth. It is very hard to train this skill.

Landscape designers are choreographers. They design flow of movement through spaces. Design is a dance. Patios are a dance floor. And the dances can be cooking, eating, and entertaining.  A good landscape designer knows how to build a good dance floor that works smoothly.

The best landscape designers are typically trained in Landscape Architecture. Look for a landscape architecture degree from an accredited university .  The degree is only a piece of the overall qualification. Who did they train with after college? Are they members of the American Society of Landscape Architects?  Have they won  landscape awards?

A good  landscape designer is artistic and creative. He thinks outside the box. She practices several art forms. Does your landscape architect also paint? Does she play an instrument?

Techo-bloc Paver Patio Design

First step in patio design is program. How do you plan to use the patio? Are you planning an outdoor kitchen? Or a small patio  sitting outside? Write out your entire program carefully. Have that for your landscape designer.

Do you have a Techo-bloc paver catalog?  You should go through it carefully. Highlight the products that catch your eye. Mark the project images that you like. Have that ready to show your hardscape contractor.  For Allentown Landscape Companies get your catalog at AB Stone. 

Think about all the options for patio location. Maybe it is best right by the back door. But you may also want the patio to be a destination.  We like to design the patio far enough from the home to feel like a separate space.  After all, you are going outside to get out of the house. We prefer to put some landscape plantings between the patio and the home. This creates the  ‘Outdoor Room’ character.

Is your patio area flat? If it is not, you may need steps and walls. This will add significant cost. But also adds dynamic character to the patio project. Walls and steps can allow for seating or for pots and urns.  Techo-bloc offers plenty of wall and step products that go with your pavers.

Landscape plantings make a patio a rich outdoor room.  Trees and shrubs create the boundaries of the space. Perennials provide color and textures.  Does your landscape designer know their plants?

Techo-bloc Paver Patio Allentown

Allentown hardscape companies tend to buy product from AB Stone. They have a good Techo-bloc paver patio display for homeowners. The patio displays show the range of paves styles and colors.  Meet your landscape designer there and make societies together.  Ask the staff at AB Stone about your hardscape contractor. Do they pay their bills on time? Do they have a good reputation with customers?


Hardscaping Companies – Patios & Walkways

Paver Walkway

How do you pick from  all the choices of Hardscaping Companies?  You  want to hire a hardscape contractor to build your patio or walkway. A certified professional and a good design is a start. You want a fair price, integrity and customer service. The best first step is to ask friends for referrals. Next, keep an eye around the neighborhood for companies doing work locally. And do your research on the internet and by calling references.

What makes a quality hardscaping contractor? There are two major certifications in the hardscape industry. They pertain to patios, walkways and retaining walls. The  certifications are ICPI and NCMA.  Check for that or see if the employees attend Techo-bloc training. Will the contractor take you to see other projects they built? That is a big indicator of quality and customer relations.  Are past clients willing to show off their patio and compliment the harscape contractor?

What makes quality hardscape design?  A trained and experienced designer. A four year landscape degree  from an accredited school. Ten years of experience minimum.  Hands on knowledge of the materials and techniques. Ask your design prospects about these. Ask to see examples of design work. for hardscape projects. A good design is the critical first step for a successful project.

hardscaping companies
Paver Walkway Emmaus

How do you get a fair price? Ask the hardscaping companies how they price the projects. Do they price hardscaping by the square foot?  If so, ask them  the square foot price for pavers. Or do they estimate time and materials?  Will they share a line item summary of those time and materials? Ask them how their price compares to other local companies.

Check with local hadscaping companies suppliers. Ask them about the local contractors. The hardscape suppliers will refer you to good companies.  And they will help you pick hardscape materials. They will have paver displays to show you the choices.  They may even have patios and walkway displays.

Review the company on line. Check the companies website. Read the ‘about us’ section. Does the site give tell you about the company owner?  The design team? The staff and field technicians? Is their credentials and experience detailed? Review all the pictures of completed projects.  Read the testimonials by other clients?  Check the  the Google Reviews. Review the social media site like Facebook and Instagram.

Hardscaping Companies build projects you will want to have last for many years. Take your time in picking a hardscape contractor. Be patient. and do your research.

Garden Design Inc. is one of many good Hardscaping Companies in Allentown, PA. We are proud to suggest other quality hardscape contractors to our prospective clients.  We want our clients to  interview several contractors and get a few designs and estimates.

Techo Bloc Paver Projects

Techo Bloc Paver
Techo Bloc Paver Project

We have used many concrete paver products over the years, but today it’s all Techo Bloc paver projects. We find that Techo Bloc paver is the cutting edge of both design and quality. The Techo Bloc company  is a leader in contractor support. They provide annual training seminars and the customer representatives are very accessible.  And our local supplier AB Stone is a valued partner. The display paver patios and walkways at AB Stone help our clients pick the right Techo Bloc product for their project.

The project in this article uses three types of Techo Bloc pavers. The pavilion and outdoor kitchen are arranged over a Techo Bloc Travertina slab. The pavilion is a custom designed project with 18′ spacing between the posts. This allowed for a more flexible space to accommodate outdoor living. The Travertina patio has an outdoor kitchen by GenSun.

The steps from the home are Techo Bloc mini creta bloc. The treads are made with Techo Bloc Piedmonte caps. This wide set of steps allows for versatile access to the landscape project. A raised patio is placed adjacent to the house. This was required because of a root cellar below. But the constraint lead to a unique design outcome. The rocking chairs make cozy patio for two.

Eva paver
Techo Bloc Steps and EVA patio

Steps lead down to the causal patio with Techo Bloc Eva pavers. The permieter of that patio has Antika pavers. The contrasting pavers make a unique patio. This one is not like any other. Techo bloc offers a very wide and unique range of products. That allows for this sort of custom patio. The range of paver products gives the homeowner and landscape designer options. And Techo Bloc products have some of the best colors and textures available.

Antika Paver
Antika and Eva Techo Bloc Pavers

Techo bloc continues to innovate. And their new products offer exciting options. Check out the link above to review all the products and ideas. Then call us to design and install your Techo Bloc paver projects.

Antika and Eva
Antika Paver & Eva Paver

Paver Patio


Techo Bloc
Paver Patio Contractor

Are you thinking about installing a paver patio and searching the web for information? Want to know how to install paver patio? Do you want some knowledge and experience from professional paver patio contractors?

What are the pros and cons of a paver patio versus my other patio contractor choices? Paver patios are installed on a compacted layer of modified stone. The benefit is flexibility to move with larger ground movements. But, no matter how perfect your paver patio installer can be, over time a paver patio will move, settle and migrate to some degree. But, since the concrete pavers are dry set on a stone base, the fix is not difficult or expensive. If you install a paver patio, plan for a restoration project in about 10 years.  Concrete pavers don’t usually age all that gracefully. The top finish wears off and they can become dull and unattractive. This is less true with each new product that improves on the older technology, But if you want to keep the pavers looking their best, you should pressure wash and apply a sealer every two or three years.

Can an untrained homeowner install a paver patio? Yes, if they are experienced in related types of landscape construction. It’s hard work, but it is not rocket science. You will need some specialized tools to install your own paver patio. You can rent those hardscaping tools. First big challenge is where to put all the soil once you dig out for the stone base. You need to big out about 12″ deep and until you reach virgin compacted soil. Then you’ll need to get the modified stone delivered and compacted in place. Proper compaction is essential to a quality paver patio. You must have a mechanical plate tamper with appropriate psi compaction rates. The next big challenge is to create a level setting bed. Paver patio contractors use steel pipes and screed boards to make sure the patio is smooth with a slight grade for drainage. If you can get that fer, you done the hardest technical part. Now the hardest labor part of setting each paver. The up and down on the knees. The lifting and the hauling. the repetitive motion is tough on bodies that don’t do professional landscpae contractor work each day. You will need to rent a stone cutting saw to cut paver as needed. That is a dusty and dangerous job. Finally, when sweeping in the polymeric sand make sure and get it precisely in the cracks. Make sure that you rinse the paver tops absolutely when wetting the sand into place. If not, polymeric sand residue will stain the pavers. You can probably teel we think it best that a professional paver patio contractor do the work.

Many of our new clients call because they want a paver patio. In Allentown, Emmaus, Lower Macungie and the Lehigh Valley, paver patio is the the most common request for outdoor hardscaping projects. Garden Design Inc. are paver patio contractors specializing in Techo bloc pavers for landscape design and landscape contractors projects. You can review our paver patio ideas on Houzz.


Mulch Installation Services

Mulch Installation in Landscape Beds

Why go through the cost of mulch installation every year? Mulch makes our landscapes and gardens look more attractive with that uniform and tidy ground layer. More important, landscape mulch helps the soil retain moisture, it decomposes to release vital nutrients to the soil, and mulch installation helps the soil structure. What type of mulch is best for your garden? When should you do the mulch installation? How much does mulch installation cost? How much mulch should I install? What other garden services are best done with the mulch installation?

Triple ground, natural hardwood mulch is the highest quality common mulch installation. It is the best mulch for the health of your landscape plantings and the soil.  It has a natural brown color and it does fade to a brown grey. It is not treated with chemicals or dyes.  Shredded bark mulch is an even better option. But, it is much harder to find and more expensive. If you have base, alkali high PH soils, acidic pine straw mulch is a great option where available.

Dyed mulch installation is a popular option because the color holds up better, longer. Some people like that black or dark brown, or even red mulch aesthetic. The dyes used are chemicals, so this would not be a good option for the organic gardening folks. The chemical dyes may also harm the soil micro-organisms. But dyed mulch is likely still better than not mulch for the nutrients added and the water retention.

Stone mulch is popular for people who believe that it will be a lower cost and less maintenance option in the long run. Some people also like the appearance of stone mulch installation. This is probably OK for ‘zero-scape’ minimalist, drought tolerant and Mediterranean gardens. But for regular garden, it does have drawbacks. The stones get hot in summer and heat the soil and thus the plant roots. Stone mulch installation reduces the amount of water penetration into the soil. And stone mulch does not provide and nutrient or soil structure benefits. In the long run, stone mulch silts in with debris and looks dirty. Then it needs refreshed. It is also challenging to weed. Overall, I don’t believe the long term cost of stone mulch is any less than the ongoing annual costs of wood mulch installation.

Mulch installation is commonly completed in the spring  during the garden clean ups. It is easiest to install mulch before the plants push out the new seasons growth. But mulch can be installed at any time during the season. Some people like to clean up and cutback gardens in the fall, then mulch before winter. This does help moderate the soil temperature and retain moisture through the cold dry winters.

The cost of mulch installation varies by the type of mulch, the thickness installed and the regional labor costs. In our area, labor costs seem to range between $40-$50 per hours for general landscape labor (we bill $45/hr.) We generally install about 1 cubic yard of mulch for every 100+ square feet of garden bed. If the garden is simple with generously spaced shrubs, we can install about 1 cy of mulch in just over an hour. For a more fully designed garden with detailed shrub and perennial arrangements, we take about 1.5 hr. to install 1 cy of mulch. Those are average times. If we can back a truck right to the landscape beds, it will take less time. If the gardens are in the back, through a gate, and up a hill, it will take more time. In 2017 we will change $35/cy for triple ground hardwood mulch delivered. So our cost can range from $80 per cubic yard to $120 per cubic yard for mulch installation.

We typically do a range of additional horticultural garden services when we install mulch. First we prune shrubs and trees and cutback the perennials. This facilitates efficient mulching times. We also add organic fertilizer so it is down under the mulch. Finally, we spread a pre-emmergent herbicide to help minimize weed growth.

Landscape Maintenance for Spring

Bloodgood Maple
Spring Landscape Maintenance for Summer Beauty

What is your spring landscape maintenance plan? We all want to get our landscape gardens off on the right roots so we can enjoy a healthy, thriving and vibrant landscape through the spring, summer and fall. Spring landscape maintenance plans start with general plant and bed maintenance, followed by shrub pruning, perennial cutbacks, fertilizing, mulching and edging beds. Garden Design Inc. offers full service Spring Landscape Maintenance and ongoing landscape services for Allentown, Emmaus and the entire Lehigh Valley Landscape companies.

March – April  Landscape Maintenance

Overview:  Plants begin to break dormancy. Work done now sets tone for remainder of season. Good Garden Hygiene will reduce needs for excessive pesticide and herbicide throughout the season

General Plant Maintenance:

  • Cut back and cleanup dead and decayed perennial growth from prior season
  • Prune any dead branching from woody shrubs and small trees
  • Weed removal – winter weeds bittercrest, chickweed dandelion etc.
  • Check for Scale and treat with Horticultural Oil
  • Divide Perennials – where appropriate to fill in and encourage healthier growth.

Infrastructure Maintenance:

  • Exposed lighting wire or irrigation tubing – dig and bury
  • Check lighting systems, replace bulbs as needed, adjust timer as needed
  • Check downspouts and drains for clogs or other issues
  • Inspect hardscapes for heaving – repair lifting or shifting paving
  • Inspect general garden drainage and resolve any washout problems

Landscape Maintenance
Landscape Gardens Allentown


  • Mow Liriope, Epimedium and other appropriate cutback groundcovers
  • Hand groom Fern, Hellebore, Bergenia, Geranium (semi-evergreen perennials)
  • Uncover plant crowns and ‘press down’ from winter heave
  • Cutback and Divide Grasses

Flowering Shrubs:

  • Rejuvenate Pruning – on heavy bloomers – Roses, Spirea, Hydrangea, Weigela
  • Selective Pruning – to Form/Shape larger woody flowering shrubs i.e. Viburnum
  • Reduction Pruning – Reduce 1/3 old wood past seasons i.e. Red Twig Dogwood

Evergreen Shrubs:

  • Rejuvenate Pruning – form oriented shrubs i.e. boxwood and ilex
  • Selective Pruning – Remove dead and damaged wood
  • Disease & Pest – Inspect and treat Scale and psyllid (boxwood)


  • Selective Pruning – Remove dead/diseased wood and prune minor to good form
  • Remove reversions, scions and root sucker growth


  • Perennials – Fertilize around the crown, not on it
  • Shrubs – fertilize 3-5” around the drip line, not inside or beyond
  • Trees – Fertilize 6-12” around the drip line. Deep plug fertilize every 48”


  • Cut bed edges – Check work order for specification Hand Edge vs. Machine
  • Note prior over mulching and remove/spread out before new mulch
  • Install mulch between plants – do not ever dump onto a plant!
  • Move mulch around plants, never closer than 1” to crown or trunk
  • Never bury crown, trunk or branching in mulch
  • Never over mulch around any plant (2” Maximum)

Techo Bloc Pavers Reviews

Techo Bloc Pavers Reviews
Techo Bloc Borealis Slab

I attended the Techo Bloc contractors showcase 2017 last week. They always put on a great show highlighting new products and techniques. It is a service to the contracting community making us all better professional hardscape contractors in Allentown. With that, lets talk a little Techo Bloc Pavers Reviews. What new pavers are available, new landscape walls, new permeable paving options, and a bit about our favorite Techo Bloc pavers for Allentown Landscape Projects.

Borealis Wall
Techo Bloc Borealis Wall

First, which and how do new Techo Bloc products apply for Emmaus landscaping projects? Or any of our landscape services areas of the Lehigh Valley. The Techo Bloc borealis paver and the borealis wall are products generating positive attention with landscaping clients in Emmaus and Allentown. The Borealis paver and wall line simulate a natural wood appearance. The main benefit is that this line offers a distinctly different look in landscape hardscapes. The Techo Bloc Borealis line can be effectively combined with the Techo Bloc BLU to create dynamic patio hardscapes. The Borealis wall has the look of the old landscape timbers. I am not a fan! I do like the dimensions and creative oportunies that the size of the Borealis Wall offers. But I think the product will become outdated, out of landscape style. It is not a timeless landscape product.

Para Slab
Techo Para Slab

The new Techo Bloc Para Slab collection does introduce a new hardscacpe option with a timeless style. This new patio paving option has contemporary, clean styling. Para Slab is available in both a smooth and a polished finish. Though contemporary, it will still work well for the older homes of an Emmaus landscaping or Allentown Patio project.

Paver Pete of Techo Bloc fame was very excited about the new Ocean Grande Slab. It is an innovative landscape paver product, but I don’t see it working in most Allentown Landscaping or Emmaus Patio projects. The texture of the Ocean Grande Slab is dynamic and eye catching. But it will be outdated before long. Maybe it would work for Urban, Miami or California projects, but not for most Lehigh Valley Landscaping or Allentown Patio projects.

Techo Bloc Pavers Reviews can not discuss all of the options the Allentown Hardscape Company offers. We at Garden Design Inc. are big fans of the Techo Bloc Eva paver for a value oriented option. The new Techo Bloc Valet offers creative patio design options for Emmaus landscaping projects and Allentown Patio companies. The larger Aberdeen and BLU Techo Bloc Patio options create classic landscaping for larger patio projects. For permeable paving in the Lehigh Valley patio, the Techo BLU is out favorite option.

If your interested in more of our thoughts on Techo Bloc Pavers Reviews and the Techo Bloc hardscape products for use in Lehigh Valley landscaping projects, give us a call. We are glad to share our thoughts. There are a number of other lehigh valley landscape contractors who also have opinion about Techo Bloc for landscape patios and landscape walls. Of course, we want you to hire us to build your Allentown Landscaping or Emmaus patio project. But regardless of who you choose to work with for landscape design and landscape contracting in the Lehigh Valley, check out the Techo Bloc product. If you want a neutral summary, talk to John or Jared at AB Natural Stone. They carry Techo Bloc landscaping products and other options.


When and How Much Should I be Watering my Plants?

Formal Garden
Tulips and Boxwood Formal Garden

When and how much should I be watering my Plants?
That can be a tough landscape question. Hard to know sometimes, and there is not always a right answer. Varied factors need to be considered. Does the plant require moist or dry conditions? Has it rained or been dry and windy? How long has the plant been established? Confusing, under-watering can look like over-watering. Leaves wilt, wrinkle and turn brown. But, when plants are under-watered, the leaves are dry and crispy. When over-watered, the leaves are soft and loose. Over-watering will eventually lead to root rot and plant death.
The best test for watering needs is to regularly check the soil for moisture. The easiest test is to insert your index finger into the soil near the roots. Put your finger 2″  into the soil. If soil seems damp and moist, should be fine. Check it again the next days. If  soil is dry then water. For trees or larger plant material, check for moisture with a sample using a soil probe. Insert the probe as far as you can into the soil, twist and remove the ‘plug’. Check the soil moisture profile and water accordingly.
Always water deeply at ground level to avoid getting  water on the leaves and flowers. Water deeply and less often. Get that moisture deep into the soil so the roots go searching for it. That builds better plant roots more able to withstand drought. Always best is best to water in the early morning. This lets the water dry off any leaves, lets it soak in and doesn’t leave moist soil overnight when bacteria may grow.
General Watering Instructions
Annuals planted in the ground
Annual flowers are shallow rooted plants. You will need to water more often, every two or three days in hot summer.  It is especially important to water early in the morning to let the plant dry before sun hits the flowers.
Annuals In Pots Of Baskets
These plants also have shallow roots and need more readily available water. Container plants need more frequent watering since the soil is lightweight and there is not a whole lot. Watering is best every day to every other day. If hot and windy , you should check them twice a day because they can dry out quickly. On hanging baskets, you can lift them from the bottom to ‘weigh’. That will give you a good idea of how well watered the plants are by how heavy the pot is.
Water annuals around the base, even flooding the bed. Try to avoid overhead watering.  Overhead spray watering could damage flowers and foliage. Use a moisture retaining fertilizer to help keep soil moist. Annuals generally prefer to be on the more watered side as they are a more fleshy and herbaceous plant.
Perennial gardens need about 1″-2″ of water a week. That depends on the types of perennials. Native and drought tolerant perennials can go with much less water. IN fact, many perennials prefer dry conditions. Make sure and design your perennial garden with the plants watering needs in mind. A lavender plant that likes it dry would not be happy by a ligularia that likes it wet.
Trees And Shrubs
You will absolutely need to regularly deep water your new shrubs and trees for the first year after planting. This means at least once a week setting the hose on a trickle and letting the ground get deep soaked. Set the hose near the base of the plant and leave it on a slow trickle for about 1 to 3 hours. A drip hose or drip irrigation system can take the place where the new planting is more extensive than can be managed with a hose. Water deeply and less frequently. Watch out for the Autumn mentality when people think plants don’t need water because it is cooler. Autumn can be the driest time of year and w2e see more plants die of neglect in the Autumn than any other time.

Watering your new landscape plantings is an art. It requires getting your hands into the soil to check soil moisture. It requires getting to know your plants and the signs of thirst – wilting and dry leaves. For Allentown Landscaping and Lehigh Valley Landscaping, each summer brings a new weather pattern. What worked for watering your landscape plants last year, may not work next year. Get to know your plants up close and personal.

Landscaping Allentown PA

Landscaping allentown
A landscaping Project in Allentown PA

A variety of landscape business options are available for landscaping Allentown pa. How do you choose which landscaping companies to call? If you have an extensive landscape project in mind, you first priority is the landscape designer. Look for a landscaping company with a highly regarded landscape designer. Review their landscape plans for other projects. Are you looking for patio designs or landscape gardens? How well does the landscape designer know landscape trees and shrubs?  Ask to see before and after pictures with the landscape plans. Landscaping Allentown pa requires a qualified landscpae designer first.

Allentown Landscaping companies range in quality of their tradesman.  When choosing an Allentown Landscaping Company, ask the following questions. Are the installers skilled and certified landscape professionals? Are they certified landscape technicians? Do they attend educational seminars? How long have they been with the Allentown Landscaping Companies? Are they generally clean cut and professional landscapers? Landscaping Allentown PA is best served by skilled landscape professionals.

Lehigh Valley Landscaping Companies can be evaluated by how long they have been in business. Do you want a company landscaping Allentown PA who just bought their first shovel yesterday? Many people think that landscape gardeners may not need to be experienced. They think landscape gardeners just pull weeds. But professional landscapers must be trained horticulturalist who know plant cultures, diseases and proper pruning techniques. An Allentown Landscaping company that has been in business over 20 years proves they are qualified landscape professionals.

Read the reviews! Landscape company reviews are spread across today internet, Just look up Landscaping Allentown PA and reviews to find information from your friends and neighbors. These reviews are your most important tool in determining the quality of an Allentown Landscape Company. Good companies have lots of good reviews. For example, Garden Design Inc reviews at Google, Facebook, Houzz & Yelp. You can try the internet sites that claim to review local contracting companies, but overall these are just money making ventures that don’t accurately represent quality landscape companies in the Allentown landscaping market. But of them all, Angie’s List is probably the best.

Perhaps you are here wanting the names of specific companies to call. Of course, we want the potential Landscaping Allentown PA customer to give us a chance at Garden Design Inc. But there are other very good choices. Plantique is the oldest Allentown Landscaping Company. They have skilled craftsman and quality landscape designers. Western Lehigh Landscaping has been around a while and I’ve always been impressed with the quality of their work. These are the most established three companies, most award winning, most skilled landscape designers generally best know for custom residential landscape projects. There are a handful of Allentown Landscaping companies, who do good work but are not as well known for the quality of their landscape designs in the specific Landscaping Allentown PA market.